TiECon Midwest 2009
TiECon Midwest 2009 - Online Registration Closed
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Key Note Speakers
TiECon Midwest 2009 Presentation
TiECon Midwest 2008 wrap up
Become an Exhibitor at TiECon Midwest 2009: Reach Key Decision Makers!
Who Will Attend TiECon 2009?
TiECon 2009 attendees will include more than 1,000 people from across the world bringing together a complete ecosystem for accelerating the full cycle of a company’s development: from funding to launch, growth and success. Attendees span the spectrum from CEOs of mature companies to first time entrepreneurs creating new companies, financial market experts, government policy makers, eminent personalities from academics and media. TiECon Midwest 2008 Attendees Profile
Why Exhibit at TiECon 2009?
As an Exhibitor at TiECon 2009, you can:
  Showcase your products and services to nearly 1,000 attendees
  Generate sales leads and business development opportunities
  Raise capital by evangelizing products/services and business plans to venture capitalists
  Scout for talent to add to your employee pool
  Build mindshare through your association with TiECon, and other prominent sponsors
  Have company employees participate, learn and network using TiECon passes included in the exhibit package
What Do You Get As An Exhibitor?
Exhibitor Package
Booth Size (Double Booths Available At Addn’l Cost)
6” x 10”
Number of Booths Available
Conference Passes Included ($300 value)
Raffle (Every Hour)
Exhibitor Summary on the Website
Listing of Exhibiting Companies in TiECon Material
  Note: Exhibitor Packages Are Also Included in Other Sponsorship Options
Early Bird Specials
We encourage you to register early in order to increase your chances of being included in our
TiECon Midwest 2009 marketing materials package and choose an optimal booth location.

Exhibitors who sign-up early will:
  Get to Choose Booth Location (from list of booths available)
  Two Passes ($100 value) to Dinner Gala Event on the 24th of October for Exhibitors Registering Before August 15, 2009
  Be Able to Influence Who Occupy Neighboring Booths
How to Sign-up?
Online: Please visit the TiECon Midwest 2009 website at www.tieconmidwest.org
Call us today (248) 254-4013 | nicole.raymond@detroit.tie.org | www.tieconmidwest.org
Click here for the Exhibitors Brochure  
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Exhibitor Brochure