TiECon Midwest 2009
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TiECon Midwest 2009 Presentation
TiECon Midwest 2008 wrap up
What is TiE Midwest 20?
TiE Midwest 20 is a new program at the TiECon Midwest annual conference. TiE Midwest 20 acknowledges excellence among 20 startups within five industry tracks including Software, Wireless, Cleantech, media, Life Sciences.   TiE Midwest 20 WINNERS  
TiECon Midwest 2009 is an entrepreneurial conference , attracting Hundreds of entrepreneurs,
venture capitalists and other professionals. TiECon Midwest has been running from 2008 in Detroit with well known keynote speakers. This year TiECon Midwest is being held on Oct 23-24, 2009
at The Ritz-Carlton, Dearborn.

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Selection process:
TiE Midwest 20 finalists will be selected by a combination of public opinion polls and an experienced
panel of industry judges. Last date for Nominations Sep 21th 2009.

The Benefits:
TiE Midwest 20 winners will be honored with awards of excellence in front of hundreds of entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and other professionals at TiECon Midwest 2009. Additionally, the TiE Midwest 20 winners will get special invitations to PowerConnect premium networking sessions at TiECon and will be part of ongoing recognition from TiE Detroit throughout the year.

What are the requirements? Are there any fees?
There are no fees involved in this program. All we require is the presence of company's CEO or founder to receive the award. As an additional benefit, TiE Midwest 20 presenters will attend TiECon Midwest 2009 conference on a complimentary basis.