TiECon Midwest 2009
TiECon Midwest 2009 - Online Registration Closed
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TiECon Midwest 2009 Presentation
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TiECon Midwest 2009 Business Bootcamp
Starting a company. Running a company. Taking it to the next level.

All of these require more than technical ingenuity and a bright idea. Even the boldest entrepreneur needs to consider the practical aspects of managing a company such as funding, legal issues, building teams, scaling sales and creating hype through PR campaigns.

This year’s TiECon will cover several bootcamps focused on these key areas. These interactive bootcamps will, require attendee participation and hands-on experience. Our workshop leaders are experts in their fields and will offer battle-tested tips and insights to give a venture its greatest chance for success.
Read below for more details on the BootCamps.

TiECon Midwest 2009: Business BootCamps
Who should attend these BootCamps
If you:

Are Starting a company  
Looking for ideas to grow your company  
If you want to sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge
You will meet the experts and like minded people here…