TiECon Midwest 2009
TiECon Midwest 2009 - Online Registration Closed
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TiECon Midwest 2009 Presentation
TiECon Midwest 2008 wrap up
The conference will also host “TiE Midwest 20” the first annual showcase of 20 of the most promising startup companies across TiECon Midwest’s five focus segments. This year’s focus segments are: Cleantech, Software, Wireless, Life Sciences and Media.

Additionally, TiECon Midwest 2009 features include
  Power Connect - a focused networking session attendees and 50 industry experts, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.
  Business Boot Camp - to train bold entrepreneurs with technical ingenuity and groundbreaking ideas to consider the practical aspects of managing a company. Four sessions will be led by battle-tested industry experts focused on: raising funds, legal issues, building teams, scaling sales, and creating awareness among targeted audiences through marketing and PR campaigns.
  High-powered keynote speakers from all over the world.
  Business Plan Competition

As Michigan businesses struggle in the current economy, TiECon Midwest 2009 provides a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, explore new businesses, discuss emerging technologies, share growth strategies and obtain insight from global business leaders, community leaders and worldwide experts.

Online registration and more information are immediately available for TiECon Midwest 2009 at http://www.tieconmidwest.org and http://www.detroit.tie.org.

For more information about the conference, please contact Nicole Raymond, TiE Detroit (248) 254-4013, (248) 631-9263, or via e-mail at nicole.raymond@detroit.tie.org.

TiE is a global, not-for-profit, non-political, and non-religious organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurs across its international network sponsored by top Venture Capital Firms, and Fortune 500 corporations; spread across 53 chapters in 12 countries comprising 1800 experienced entrepreneurs and business executives as charter members, 12000 aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals as members. TiE has grown to become the world’s largest non-profit organization for entrepreneurs.

Many Americans are struggling to make ends meet as the cost of care goes up while others face losing insurance as businesses struggle to cover employees.
Medical travel is becoming more popular, as more people realize its benefits. What does intelligent communications and use of technologies mean to a healthcare organization? Participate in engaging conversations with experts from the healthcare industry. Some of the discussion topics include effects and opportunities of healthcare reform, benefits and challenges of medical tourism and technology and innovation in healthcare.

Despite the recent declines in investment, the macro-trends for cleantech venture capital are very positive — funds are getting bigger, the market for clean energy has grown to a respectable size and long-term signals from government are coming together. The cleantech sector is expected to become an engine for growth during this economic downturn. Industry experts share their knowledge of Cleantech opportunities in Michigan - wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, new emerging technologies, energy storage and investment opportunities.

Information Technology:
Every day more users move their computing lives from the desktop to the cloud and rely on hosted web applications to store and access email, photos and documents. The application and use of digitally based information is growing in importance as consumers and industry increasingly look to digital forms of information delivery, preferring its immediacy, accessibility and convenience over traditional forms of communication. Interact and participate in a round-up of comments of what works and what does not. A reality check offered by the CIO/CTO panel.

Emerging Concepts:
With the opening of wireless networks and the Apple iPhone App Store, there has been a proliferation of mobile applications of all kinds. Moviemakers discuss the incentive package and provide case studies. More than ever, our leaders engage in a purposeful discussion, notably with the broad scientific communityas they share their analyses of the theoretical significance of recent evolutions of basic research in life sciences Innovation involves ideas that create value for customers. This unique track will cover the theme of content, commerce and communications – the 3 C’s of Innovation. Dare to Explore?

TiECon Midwest 2009 Presentation
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