Artificial Intelligence


Here we are in 2017, as we witness some major advancements in driverless technology, voice recognition, and deep learning. AI is now woven into all spheres of our lives changing people’s perceptions on technology and bringing massive shifts in the lifestyles of many. So, what is Artificial Intelligence and why are we making such a big deal of it? Some say AI will eliminate jobs. Some others feel that machines using AI will perform a wide range of tasks, in many cases doing a better job than humans. The definition of AI has always been a moving target. At TiECon Detroit, participate in some expert discussions as some AI experts talk about technologies like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, machine reasoning, and why human perception is a bigger driver than Big Data. What are some key emerging business opportunities and trends in the market? If you are part of an AI technology company, a software engineer or vendor, a government agency or simply looking to change your career to Artificial Intelligence, then Register for TiECon Detroit 2017. Key Industry experts, C level Executives, major vendors will be in attendance. A chance to network and grow!

Thursday, November 9th

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Create Impactful Results from Patterns in Data

Stephen Dantas
Venture Capital | Digital Transformation | AI | AR/VR/MR | eCommerce | IoT
Gurraj Singh Sangha
Head of Risk - Mobile Analytics Augmented Intelligence Platform / Quantamental Global Macro Portfolio Manager
Suman Chaudhuri
Director, Data and AI at Microsoft
Sriram Bhamidipati
I transform people, build teams; Technology leader , BI/ML/AI integration at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan
Saket Suman
Microsoft | Technical Sales | Artificial Intelligence & Data
Rod Means
Data Platform Solution Architect at Microsoft