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The American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) is an organization of professionals of Asian Indian Diaspora in the U.S. that shares knowledge among its members; shapes the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and technologists; and perform community service to help the disadvantaged and underprivileged in communities across the world. ASEI was established in 1983 in Michigan.

Some of the Objectives of ASEI Are As Followed:
• Provide networking opportunities for professionals and businesses
• Provide career guidance
• Recognize outstanding engineers and entrepreneurs
• Host annual national conventions
• Participate in humanitarian projects
• Promote Indo-American relationship
• Promote technology transfer between India and the U.S.

ASEI is a two level (National and Local) non-profit organization of engineers and technical professionals of Indian origin. Since its inception in 1983, ASEI has strived to strengthen the Indo-American relationship, institute a channel of communication between technical organizations within the United States and abroad, lend a helping hand to charitable organizations, provide assistance to engineering students at the Local and National levels, and organize networking events.

The Michigan Chapter was formed in 2004.

ASEI Vision: Create a national network of technical professionals of Asian Indian Diaspora living in the U.S. to provide a platform for networking, career advancement, community service, technology exchange, and develop the next generation of scientists and engineers.

ASEI Purpose: The purpose of ASEI is to develop and nurture the next generation of engineers and technical professionals. ASEI is committed to making our communities better places to live. Therefore every chapter supports the local community events, encourages our team members to volunteer and donates generously to charities. ASEI aims to give back to the community by spurring development and economic growth in vibrant economies as well as in under-developed regions.