Ignite2Disrupt – Connected World – Connected Technologies; with special focus on Mobility, HealthCare and Global Connectivity

Michigan, for more than 100 years has been the center of the automotive industry. This industry is changing as automobiles become equipped with devices and systems that are autonomous or connect you to the world; but Michigan remains at the forefront of this disruptive technology evolution, doing what we do best, letting our entrepreneurs and innovators lead the way for the nation and the world to follow!

Michigan is taking Mobility and Connectivity to the next level! We’re exploring how connected technology is revolutionizing healthcare delivery and consumer expectations; we are looking at connected technologies from a global perspective , which industries will they impact, what’s the effect on our economy, are we training our children for the right jobs, how will they change our lives now and in the future?

Studies show that every connected technology-related position created in the State of Michigan also creates 6.54 additional non-connected-related jobs (MEDC/MTAM), and that as of 2015 the average compensation for a connected technology-related position in Michigan is over $89,000 annually – a 48% increase since the last study in 2011 (MEDC/MTAM). Given these statistics, it was obvious to TiE Detroit that the time is right to make Connected World – Connected Technologies, with special focus on Mobility, HealthCare and Global Connectivity, the focus for TiECon Midwest 2016.

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2016 Grand Keynote Speakers

Governor of Michigan

Founder & CEO, Living Essentials

CEO - Henry Ford Health System

Entrepreneur, Father of Indian Telecom, Author & Policymaker

Founder & CEO, Stealth Startup Company and Former CIO, TESLA

Lead Product Manager, Google Inc.

Founder & CEO, Detroit Aircraft Corp

Founder & Chairman Emeritus, The Bartech Group

Chairman at TiE Global & General Partner Monta Vista Capital

Founder and Former CEO, SAP Fieldglass

CEO, Menlo Innovations

Physician Talk Show Host at Ask Dr. Nandi

Why Attend ?

TiECon Midwest 2016 will bring together TiE members, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, top industry executives and thought leaders in two action-packed days. TiECon Midwest provides a unique opportunity to discuss connected technologies, exchange ideas, explore new businesses, share growth strategies and gain insight from global business leaders, community leaders and worldwide experts.

TiECon Midwest 2016 Why Attend ?

Key Tracks

Mobility Startup Competition

  • Six Finalists Compete
  • Winner Receives $50,000 Investment

TiE20 Awards

20 Early Stage Startups
  • 1. IOT / Sensors
  • 2. Fintech
  • 3. Transportation / Mobility
  • 4. Health / Fitness
  • 5. Manufacturing Devices / Augmented Reality / Artificial Intelligence
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